About Optik Avenue

About the clinic

Two long-established Montreal eye care practices. Harry Toulch and VISION 2120 have come together to create Optik Avenue Optmetristes. Our bigger and brand new location, conveniently located on Saint Catherine St. West in Westmount, will feature the very best eye care products and services available.

Eye Exams

From screening for glaucoma to detecting cataracts, a yearly eye exam is the best way to maintain ocular health.

Personalized service

When needed, we make sure to fit you with the right product, whether prescription eyewear, non-prescription sunglasses, vintage eyeglass frames or contact lenses.

We offer amazing deals!

We pride ourselves in offering you personalized service and a big selection of unique styles and brands.

Our Team

Optometrists Lori Medoff, Diana Miceli, Tara Mahvelati, Earl Azimov, and Michael Toulch maintain the highest standards of technical skills and are equipped with the latest advances in eye care technology.

Lori Medoff

Lori Medoff graduated from University of Montreal in 1993 with a doctorate in Optometry.  She spent ten years in private practice in Asia as well as teaching clinical techniques at the Singapore Polytechnic Optometry School.  She worked as the Professional Affairs Consultant for Johnson and Johnson Asia Pacific, held an executive position with the Singapore Contact Lens Society and was active in the Singapore Optometric Association.  She returned to Montreal in 2002 where she continues to practice.  She is a member of the Quebec Order of Optometrists as well as the Quebec and Canadian Associations of Optometrists.

Diana Miceli

Diana Miceli graduated with honours from the Waterloo School of Optometry in 2011. Her passion for optometry and patient care led her to Thailand where she participated in a volunteer eye care mission, providing eye exams and corrective lenses in the most remote areas of the country. Afterwards, she chose to start practicing in Montreal, where she was born and raised. In 2014, she completed post graduate studies in developmental optometry with the OEPF, continuing to deepen her knowledge and expertise in the field.

She is a member of the Quebec Order of Optometrists as well as the Quebec and Canadian Associations of Optometrists. Her devotion, empathy and commitment to excellence are some of the many qualities her patients benefit from when consulting with her.

Tara Mahvelati

Tara Mahvelati completed her undergraduate degree in Biology, her Master’s in Immunology, and graduated from SUNY College of Optometry in New York, where she was a recipient of the COVD award for excellence in vision training.

She completed her rotations in various disciplines with a focus on ocular disease, pediatrics and vision therapy in private MD/OD practices and hospital based settings.
Tara’s deep passion for developmental and behavioral optometry has led her to pursue post graduate courses to further her knowledge and proficiency in the field to better serve her patients and community. She is a member of the Quebec Order of Optometrists, the Quebec and Canadian Associations of Optometrists as well as the College of Optometrists in Vision Development.

Earl Azimov

Earl Azimov has a bachelor of Science degree from the University of South Carolina and graduated in 1988 from the University of Montreal with a doctorate in Optometry. He's a member of the Quebec Order of Optometrists and the Quebec and Canadian Associations of Optometrists.

He has been an owner of Vision 2120 since 1990 which was founded in 1960 by John Mckeating. Earl was the co-founder of a national optical center in 1992 and sold it in 1995 to Vision associates of Atlanta which operated the Walmart Vision Centers.

Earl has 25 years of private equity experience focusing on seed capital investments in early stage companies. He co-founded Miazzi internet ventures where he assumed leadership roles in early stage companies, one of them being Mamma.Com one of the very first search engines made available even before google.

He is also the co-founder of Global Clean energy, a clean energy developer focusing on transforming waste into energy with the hopes of obtaining a sustainable future.

Michael Toulch

Michael Toulch has been practicing optometry since 1992. He has been running two independent shops in Montreal which were opened by his father, Harry Toulch, in 1958. Client care is always the main focus. In addition to general eyecare services, Michael is constantly searching for, and developing, new and cutting edge products. He designed the world’s first interchangeable eyewear system that was granted a US patent in 2004, catching the the attention of the international fashion eyewear market. Michael is a member of the Quebec Order of Optometrists and the Quebec and Canadian Associations of Optometrists.